Meet the Team

Chris Sherrett 

Executive Director

Chris Sherrett serves as the executive director at Harbour Pointe Senior Living. Chris earned his MBA and is currently working on his doctoral degree in education in organizational change and leadership from the University of Southern California. He is passionate about serving wherever help is needed and is constantly searching for ways to improve the lives of others.

Outside of work, Chris enjoys skiing, hiking with his dog or visiting the beautiful parks in Mukilteo.

Marta Street

Director of Sales and Marketing

Marta Street is the director of Sales and Marketing at Harbour Pointe Senior Living. She has been working in the senior living industry for over three decades. One of her first experiences was working in a skilled nursing community in Seattle. Marta is passionate about working with residents who have dementia, and she’s an advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Jennifer Duncan

Business Office Director

Jennifer Duncan is the Business Office director at Harbour Pointe Senior Living. She began her career in senior living over a decade ago. She is passionate about caring for others and hearing stories from those who lived before her.

Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons. She likes hiking, camping, fishing and watching sports.

Yvette Klein, R.N.

Resident Care Director

Yvette Klein serves as the Resident Care director at Harbour Pointe Senior Living. She has experience in hospice, home health and skilled nursing. Yvette enjoys getting to know residents and their families and feels honored to play a daily part in the safety, health and wellness of each resident. One of her favorite ISL Culture Keepers is “Have fun and work hard.”

Chadrick Brown

Vibrant Life® Director

Chadrick Brown is the Vibrant Life® Director director at Harbour Pointe Senior Living. He has worked in the health care industry for over a decade. His passion for seniors began when he became the primary caregiver for his grandparents, who both suffered from dementia. One of his goals in life is to serve and enrich the lives of others.

Outside of work, Chadrick enjoys playing basketball, mentoring and spending time with his daughter.

Medhanie Kelete

Generations Program Director

Medhanie Kelete is the Generations Program director at Harbour Pointe Senior Living. He has been working in the senior living industry for over two years. Medhanie is passionate about bringing patience, kindness and empathy to residents and his team. He finds joy each day helping residents find their purpose.

In his free time, Medhanie enjoys spending time with his family, walking on the beach, reading and traveling.

Vickie Martin, COTA/L, ONR

Director of Rehabilitation

Vickie Martin is the director of Rehabilitation at Harbour Pointe Senior Living. She has worked in the senior living industry for over two decades with geriatric and long-term residents in skilled nursing communities. Vickie enjoys working with clients of all ages and diagnoses to improve their quality of life. In this role, Vickie works closely with residents to develop exercise and balance classes and help them meet their goals so they can heal and regain important life functions.

Outside of work, she enjoys hiking, photography, traveling, yoga and bird watching.

Josué Gaytan

Director of Culinary Services

Josué Gaytan is the director of Culinary Services at Harbour Pointe Senior Living. Josué spent much of his childhood in the kitchen, and that’s where his passion for cooking began. He enjoys bringing people together and creating connections through food. Over the course of his career, he’s had the opportunity to work in different restaurants throughout the Seattle area. Josué wants everyone who eats his food to be impacted in a positive way.

In his free time, Josué enjoys hiking, spending time with his two huskies and meeting new people.

Annette Harb

Dining Room Manager

Annette Harb is the Dining Room manager at Harbour Pointe Senior Living. With over four decades of experience in the food service industry, she has worked as a waitress, caterer and restaurant owner. Annette is a firm believer in “servant leadership,” and her greatest joy is watching her staff grow to their full potential.